Smart Solutions

By utilizing the latest available technology, we have developed solutions for the management and monitoring of parking. Our on and off street smart parking solutions provide an easy and convenient way for motorists to find and pay for available permit parking.

SpotMate Parking Sensors

Our sensors detects the presence of a vehicle and transmits this data along with other information wirelessly to our cloud parking application.

SpotMate Parking Dashboard

Get real time occupancy data of your parking spaces; make informed decisions with data such as the average length of stay and the exceeded length of stay by users.

SpotMate Parking App

Provide motorists with real time parking available information. View all open spaces in selected areas. Browse, Pay, Park...


Whatever your application, we have a wide range of solution for parking space detection in order to provide accurate measurement on occupancy of individual parking spaces for private or commercial uses.

Roof Indicators

Indoor Parking

Parking Lot

Outdoor Parking

Parking Garage

Indoor Parking

Embedded Sensors

On-Street Parking

Real time Data

Smart Parking Dashboard

Parking Signage

Indoor Parking

Surface sensor

Outdoor Parking

Surface Sensor

Indoor Parking

Urban Solution

On-Street Parking

Cloud Backend

Smart Parking Dashboard

Who We Are

SpotMate Parking Systems is an IT company solving problems associated with Urban parking. We are built on three (3) founding pillars:


We develop solutions that are able to respond to the varied needs of our clients, regardless of the Industry.

Intuitive Systems

We provide applications that allow the motorist to find and pay for available parking spots easily and conveniently. It's simple, just Browse, Pay, Park...

Value Added

Our mission is to provide applications that allow our clients to improve the monitoring and monetizing of parking spots.

What We Do

Whether you're a small or large company, we can assist you in changing the parking experience for your clients by removing the stress and guiding drivers to the most convenience space...


We actively engage our clients to ensure that we undertand their needs before developing and supplying the equipment for the solution. SpotMate Parking Systems ensures that whatever we supply is efficient & cost-effective...


We install and maintain what we supply. Our Solutions will help you create a better parking experience for your customers. We also work to ensure that there is minimal disruption of your business while we install...


Our SmartParking Dashboard allows you to improve your businesssee by giving you real time data of your parking outift; make informed decisions with data such as the average length of stay, payment, compliance etc...


SpotMate Parking Systems provides maintenance services to ensure that your parking operation runs without interruption. We provide the expertise so that you can focus on operating and expanding your business...

Some Fun Facts


Hours spent annually searching for Parking


$345 in wasted time, fuel, and emissions


$20B loss in productivity, fuel costs and pollution annually

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